Baking with the Kids| In The Playroom Feature

We’ve always been a big fan of the creative mummy from In The Playroom Blog regularly thinking of fun activities for her and kids such as home-made musical shakers, Pirate Craft Parties and even chocolate making with the children.
Knowing Mr T & Mr R are fans of baking we thought we would send over our Kids Cookie Cutters Set and Cookie and Cupcake Decorating Kit.


It’s so nice to see kids working together, sharing and having real bonding time, it can also be a good educational activity by learning different shapes and colours.


If you are stressing about this to do during the Easter period this can be a perfect way to keep the children busy for the afternoon! See In the Playroom’s other recipes and activities here




  1. Thanks for featuring our baking 🙂 My boys loved this cutters, we will have to getting making some more!

    1. Thanks Anna! They are great 🙂 and Mr T and Mr R are adorable!! Im glad they had some baking fun. Keep me updated x

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