The “No Makeup Selfie” for Cancer Awareness Has it Worked?

The Rise of the #NoMakeupSelfie “hype” has raised a debatable question as to whether or not the viral trend has anything to do with cancer, one of many of the twitter users posted: “this #nomakeupselfie is ridiculous! You really wanna do something for Breast cancer then put the camera down and donate some bloody money!!.” others are arguably stating “You’re all moaning about the #nomakeupselfie, but it’s got Cancer charities at the front of everyone’s minds & people are donating. #JobDone“.

Recent statistics from Cancer Research UK have shown that the “nomakeupselfie” craze has raised over £1 million in donations within 24 hours and over 800,000 text since the social media sharing made  a broadcast on Tuesday. Originating from Amanda McDonald who gained over 30,000 likes on Facebook from a picture of her undergoing breast cancer treatment  and her husband with a  wig on followed by the hash tag #nomakeupselfie.

Since then, many celebrities  and bloggers have even joined in on this viral hype by sharing bare faced pictures of themselves on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Seeing the success from the craze, Cancer Research has pretty much claimed the campaign although a member of staff said “”the campaign isn’t ours but every £ helps”, other charities were also quick to follow the trend and used the opportunity to gain awareness and donations.

celebrity nms

Now over 50,000 Facebook and Twitter users have jumped on this trend by uploading picture of themselves with no make up on and even guys have started to upload pictures of themselves with make up on.


So why has this become such a controversial topic? 

Although some people are genuinely posting pictures make up  free with tags such as “cancer awareness” or “beat cancer” and showing that they have donated, others are simply posting just to be a part of the viral trend or even worse, not even knowing why they are doing it and missing the point totally by not donating at all.

Has it worked?

Some may still dis-agree how the #nomakeupselfie has nothing to do with curing cancer however you can’t argue with the staggering £1 million extra to Cancer research within 24 hours of the viral spread. The #nomakeupselfies have definitely had a great impact on Cancer research and the campaign is a great example of effective PR.
People are talking about this everywhere from on line to offline, new papers, magazines, articles and social media.

So What now?

Text to Donate £3 to Cancer ResearchUK!
BEAT 70099

Visit our Breast Cancer Campaign 



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