Smile it’s Spring!

With the recent bright skies and sunny spells its time to put away the winter wardrobe with the woolly hats and knitted scarf’s, because the first day of Spring is here!

This Sunday the clocks will go forward, although we might  lose an hours sleep but we gain an hour of daylight, waking up with the bright sun shining on your face and finishing work still being able to enjoy the day is simply bliss!

Spring cleaning

This weekend we will see a lot of busy mummy’s getting ready for a big spring clean out!
Here are some Must Haves to survive this weekend…

1. Polka Dot Laundry Hamper – Freshen up your bathroom with a fun and stylish statement laundry hamper, with high quality rope handles it is easy to carry to and from the bathroom and kitchen, also spacious so it will hold plenty of washing giving your bathroom a clutter free look.

2. Lime Green Bin – Just because its rubbish it can still look cool! Instead of sticking to the typical boring grey dustbin, why not brighten up the room with a colourful eye catching waste bin?

3. Mop Bucket and Wringer – Loving our bright colours in Unique Home Living we would definitely recommend our aqua blue mop bucket. It is lightweight and durable with a detachable wringer which makes it easy to clean, it also has 15 litres capacity so when it is not being used it can act as storage for your cleaning sprays.

4.Washing up Liquid Dispenser Brush – The 21st century is full of surprises,  with the new designs coming up everyday we no longer have to squeeze washing up liquid on the sponge ourselves! This brush has a detergent dispenser at a press of a button!

5. Double Sided Microfibre Mop – Perfect for laminate flooring the double sided mop can be used for both wet and dry floors, with an extendible handle and 360 flexible head makes it easier to clean with less stretching and reach awkward areas.

6. Scrubby Cleaning Cloth – Brand new Kilo Euro Scrubber perfect for all purpose cleaning from table tops to cookware, non stick surfaces and even vegetables! This amazing invention requires no washing up liquid, its scratch free, machine washable and also it will last for years!


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