Me and My Shadow – Blogger Feature

We sent the lovely blogger Liz form Me and My Shadow some of our favourite valentines
inspired products and we have to say we are very jealous of the themed lunch she came up with!

Valentines Bento Box Lunch!

 Image     Image      Image

Using our heart muffin pans with the recipe included in the packaging Liz got baking and decorated these with some heart shaped
white chocolate buttons and finished the look with some cute heart shaped jellies.
Also using the heart shaped cookie cutters we sent her, she cut out some pretty jam sandwiches and heart shaped strawberries!
See full recipe here

As we love a good holiday over here at Unique Home Living, we were so excited to stock up on the heart shaped cooking tools for Valentine’s Day.
Why not heat up your lovers lunch box with a love heart shaped boiled egg. Or even better use the heart cutters to show the one you love just how much you care with a heart shaped butty!


We adore Liz’s ideas and review of our products, it’s really inspired us to get in to the LOVE spirit of things…

What would you do with the valentines tools?


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