We’ve always been a big fan of the creative mummy from In The Playroom Blog regularly thinking of fun activities for her and kids such as home-made musical shakers, Pirate Craft Parties and even chocolate making with the children. Knowing Mr T & Mr R are fans of baking we thought we would send over our Kids Cookie Cutters Set and […]

When you get to a certain age, which I’m sure some of you will understand… Mum’s can get difficult! They don’t want to go out for a meal, they think gifts are too expensive and that you are wasting so much money and finally they say they don’t need anything! So what can we get […]

Buyers Blog When looking for new stock for the website I always have the same brief in my head. Must be different, must be offbeat, must be eye catching….must be unique. So when I first encountered The Bright Side I was immediately intrigued! I saw an array of colours and large texts, with funny looking […]

The Rise of the #NoMakeupSelfie “hype” has raised a debatable question as to whether or not the viral trend has anything to do with cancer, one of many of the twitter users posted: “this #nomakeupselfie is ridiculous! You really wanna do something for Breast cancer then put the camera down and donate some bloody money!!.” […]

With the recent bright skies and sunny spells its time to put away the winter wardrobe with the woolly hats and knitted scarf’s, because the first day of Spring is here! This Sunday the clocks will go forward, although we might  lose an hours sleep but we gain an hour of daylight, waking up with […]

Coming up to the Easter holidays, what do you have in mind for the two weeks ahead? As we all know keeping the kids occupied for two weeks can be a handful! The beautiful mummy over at Style My Party has come up with an Easter themed baking session with the kids! So we sent over our […]

In the Unique Home Living HQ today we are celebrating Shrove Tuesday  also known as Pancake day. The tradition of  giving up foods that contain fat like butter and eggs are forbidden during Lent which lasts for 40 days, therefore people usually use up all the things they are not allow during this period and […]